Kristine R. Hoben

College: University of Washington, Seattle, Washington
Degree: BA, Economics, 1993

Law School: University of Denver School of Law
Degree: JD, 2001
Degree: Masters, Ledal Administration, 2001

Member: Colorado Bar Association
Arapahoe Bar Association/Douglas and Elbert Bar Association
Metro Denver Interdisciplinary Committee, Board Member, President

Ms. Hoben has been in the legal field since 1997 and practicing law for the past 18 years. Ms. Hoben’s primary focus has been to make the process of divorce, from beginning to end, as painless as possible and to ensure that families focus on often the most important player in the divorce process – our children. Ms. Hoben’s compassionate and understanding nature has helped clients go through one of the toughest experiences that they will have to face; yet, Ms. Hoben’s aggressive and persistent abilities come into play in order to help clients obtain the most favorable settlement they are entitled to – whether through amicable agreement (settlement), or trial.

Ms. Hoben’s experience has encompassed many areas which have a substantial impact in the family law arena. Ms. Hoben has served as Special Advocate and Guardia ad litem and is familiar with the Child and Family Investigator (CFI) and Parental Responsibility (PRE) process. Ms. Hoben is a member of the Board of Metro Denver Interdisciplinary Committee, and Past President, where mental health professionals and attorneys meet and are presented with speakers to help better understand the impact of divorce on children and obtain the tools to inform parents of how to make the divorce process less painful for children and the transition more positive than negative. Ms. Hoben works with a select group of Child and Family Investigators, therapists, mediators, counselors, church divorce support groups and other community resources which collectively provide an extended support system for clients and their children.

Ms. Hoben has completed two years of internships prosecuting with the Denver and Aurora City Attorney’s Offices. Ms. Hoben has worked with the Rocky Mountain Children’s Law Center. Ms. Hoben was a law clerk for the Honorable Judge Plaut in Jefferson County. Ms. Hoben is familiar with the Court system and Hearing process and has spent endless hours in the Court setting. These experiences have given Ms. Hoben the tools needed to feel comfortable in Court presenting your case, understanding the process and which tactics work best in the presentation of your case.

Ms. Hoben has four children and has gone through the divorce process on a personal level. These life experiences have benefited Ms. Hoben’s understanding of the feelings involved in the dissolution process often shared by clients.

Ms. Hoben enjoys volunteering, and her most memorable volunteer experiences have involved children. Ms. Hoben has been a foster parent, scout leader, volunteer within the Cherry Creek School District and has been involved in distributing clothing and supplies in Central America. Ms. Hoben currently volunteers with high risk children in the foster care system.