“Divorce is never an easy experience for anyone involved. When I had no choice but to take on this ugly feat to do what I felt was right for my children and me, I was recommended to Kristi Hoben. Kristi has been an absolute grace in every stage of my legal challenges. I was unfortunate in the fact that I had to go through not only a divorce, but a pretty complicated custody battle as well.”

“Kristi holds a very professional, kind and thoughtful character about her. Her focus remains dedicated to the best interest of the children first, while maintaining a strong and persistent effort to resolve marital conflict as well. During my trying times, Kristi was able to establish a working relationship between her and I to obtain the best possible outcome that my kids deserved while keeping me informed during each step of the way.”

“At the end of the divorce I was very pleased with the separation of property and the custody arrangement. The experience and knowledge that Kristi has in family law is a value that is priceless when it comes to matters this serious. Mere words cannot express how thankful I am to have been brought to Kristi during such a difficult time in my life.”

-Eryn P.

“Kristi Hoben is an honest, caring, and highly knowledgeable attorney. Kristi always acts with integrity, and at the same time pursued our case tenaciously. Her familiarity with the law, combined with a very sharp mind helped resolve our case in a way that protected us and got us the parenting time and rights that were in the best interest of my step-daughter. Kristi patiently describe every action we undertook, and how it would impact us. Kristi also went the extra mile and gave us insight into what happens after the court process, and what pitfalls we could expect in the future. Throughout a long and tedious court process Kristi was there to help and guide us.”

“Kristi was always reasonable about costs, and explained those costs up front. She went out of her way to make sure she wasn’t frivolously spending our money, or wasting our time. We got a fantastic attorney, for a very low cost.”

-Mike R.

Following an unpleasant experience with another divorce attorney, I was broken emotionally and financially.  I felt victimized by a legal system that was supposed to protect me.  A co-worker suggested I contact Kristi.  Tentatively I went ahead and left Kristi a voice message.  Kristi returned my call promptly and set an appointment for me that very same day. At our first meeting Kristi didn’t “sell” me a product, she was real, compassionate, kind, empathetic, direct, knowledgeable, and her fee schedule was reasonable. It was her character that sold me. 

She remained true to her words, she lead me through a difficult time while always remaining cognizant of how costs could surmount and worked with me to keep legal fees down.  I have referred her multiple times to acquaintances, friends and family. Kristi is a great attorney, honest and fair.  Let’s face it…sometimes it just feels difficult to find good, caring, honest professionals who consider your best interests vs. their own…Kristi is one of those rare finds…she’s a gem in the rough. 

-Janet W.

Our family hired Kristi to make sure that my son would in his child’s life ( birth mom wanted the child all to herself). Kristi was proactive every step of the way, she led us through the entire process with professionalism, and a great deal of knowledge. Kristi and her staff were very responsive to emails, phone calls, and always answered our questions quickly. I highly recommend Kristi!


Kristi has helped out our family in more than one family law case and I recommend her to anyone who ever asks for a great family law attorney. She is honest, compassionate and has always given us the best possible advice.