In Colorado, divorce is referred to as dissolution of marriage and is governed by Colorado Revised Statutes §14-10-101, et. seq.

Either party must reside in Colorado for at least 91 days prior to the filing of the Petition.

The children must reside in Colorado for a minimum of six months prior to the filing date or since birth if under six months of age. If this time requirement is not met at the time of filing, issues regarding the children cannot be addressed as part of the dissolution/legal separation case.

There is a mandatory 91-day waiting period before the Court can enter the divorce decree. If you and your spouse sign the same Petition and file as “Petitioner and Co-Petitioner,” the 91-day period begins on the date the papers are filed with the Court. However, if one of you files a Petition for Dissolution or Legal Separation and then serves the other spouse with a copy, the 91-day period begins on the date the Petition is served.

In Colorado you may be divorced in 91 days; however, in most cases, it will take longer, depending on the circumstances of your case and court schedules.